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"Agape (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2011
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Lantlôs - Agape (Limited Edition) 2CD

'Agape' - a non-physical, self-sacrificing kind of love - is the basic concept of Lantlôs' third album. On the one hand, 'Agape' is a radical departure from Post Black Metal, while on the other, it is also its consistent further development: heavy walls of guitars alternate with gentle acoustic parts, the changes in tempo hover between dragging and pacing. In addition, 'Agape' will surprise you with extensive instrumental passages with a soft and warm atmosphere which doesn't shrink back even from jazz. Counteracted by the harsh, strangely cold vocals courtesy of Neige (Alcest), the compositions seem devoid of sense, oppressing, and sombre: beauty reversed into its opposite.

This limited 2CD Super Jewelcase includes an extended booklet and bonus CD with demo versions.
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Label's catalogue number:WOLF 047
3.Bloody Lips And Paper Skin
4.You Feel Like Memories
5.Eribo - I Collect The Stars
6.Intrauterin (Instrumental Demo)
7.Bliss (Instrumental Demo)
8.You Feel Like Memories (Instrumental Demo)
9.Eribo - I Collect The Stars (Instrumental Demo)
10.White Miasma (Instrumental Demo)