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"Abominations Duplex"


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Release: 2015
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Larva - Abominations Duplex 2CD

The insane Spaniards Larva return with this hateful and hostile last work.Intense and sharp rhythms.Extreme sequences that immerse you in disgusting and despicable passages.An opus of darkness and despair.Be ready to be hit in your face with all their disgust!
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1.The Dark Ones.
2.Frio Y Oscuro Amanecer.
3.If I Only Could.
4.Los Perros Ahorcados No Ladran.
5.Comfortably Broken.
6.Mi Mundo Nunca Fue El Vuestro.
7.Me Hago Pequeno.
8.Todo Es Una Estafa.
9.La Vida Se Desmorona.
10.Cancion Para Una Paloma Muerta.
11.In The Edge Of The Blade (Feat. Axel. M. From Placebo Effect).
12.No Podran Conmigo.
13.El Hombre Triste Que No Liora Jamas.
15.I Walk Alone (Exclusive Song).
16.Child Monsters (Exclusive Song).
17.So Lonely (Exclusive Song).
18.Comfortably Broken (Remix By Cut:off Sky).
19.El Hombre Triste Que No Liora Jamas (Remix By Dreadfool).
20.Comfortably Broken (Placenta Mix By Vv303).
21.Frio Y Oscuro Amanecer (Remix By Dark Soul).
22.Comfortably Broken (Remix By Brain Over Dust).
23.Frio Y Oscuro Amanecer (Remix By Dark Line Spectrum).
24.Frio Y Oscuro Amanecer (Remix By Nano Infect).
25.Comfortably Broken (Remix By Aim & Execute).
26.Comfortably Broken (Remix By Mulphia).