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"The Worst of 2004-2014"


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Release: 2014
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Larva - The Worst of 2004-2014 2CD

The ghostly appearance of a gentleman, who wanders the world evoking broken dreams, and nightmares, to remember that despite everything, despite what human decomposition, meat that is repelled by the stench embracing by the death, has something that survives: the anxiety of existence.That's Larva, purulent Quixote, whose sound suggests that humans are creatures crawling on their pain and corruption, and yet we are able to sustain the walls for balance.Therefore the lyrics of Larva are looking upset existence that conforms to an artificial balance, as the pain, agony and loss are part of our nature; well, its message is terrorizing the mind.This new work is a compilation of the band's trajectory during these 10 years across the darkness and battling inner demons, we all have.Presented in double limited digiwallet CD (including a 7 "vinyl with two unreleased tracks) and normal double Cd.All remastered to accomplish the standards of today, without losing a bit of their personality.
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2.Family Error
4.Ojos Secos
5.Destructive Device
6.Yo, Sociópata
7.Agachar La Cabeza
8.El Ejercito De Moscas
9.You Are Alone
10.Mutilacion Interior
11.El Sol Se Ha Puesto
12.The Devil Inside Of Me
13.Corroded Minds
14.A Piece Of Me Is Dying (Without You)
15.Carne Magullada
16.Las Voces
18.Rotten Disease
20.La Maldad Se Encuentra En Ti
21.Tale Of New York
22.Die In Silence
23.Buried Alive
24.Flores Negras
26.My Own Hell
27.Cuando Pierdes Lo Que Mas Quieres