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"Voces Del Labertino"


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Release: 2009
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Larva - Voces Del Labertino CD

Final release of Advoxya in 2008 - the album "Voces Del Laberinto" from Spanish band Larva. Band exists from 1998 and already has several albums, released by its own force or within the short-live deals with other labels. The cold adjusted sound directs associations with the visual row of the classical horror movies, fast enough and supplied with slow, forcing the gloomy atmosphere sonic sculptures, album should be listened due one breathe. It carries along the listener into the world of fear and endlessness, reflecting the common panic of the surrounding world. Must-have category for all fans of traditional electronic body music.
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1.Broken Nails (Piano Version)
2.The Devil Inside Of Me
4.Deep In Your Memories
5.Corroded Minds
6.Coat Hanger Abortion
11.Multilacion Interior
13.El Sol Se Ha Puesto
14.Broken Nails (Reprise)
15.El Sol Se Ha Puesto [Video]
16.The Devil Inside Of Me [Video]
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