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"Where The Butterflies Go To Die"


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Release: 2013
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Larva - Where The Butterflies Go To Die CD

Sometimes the place where we live, sometimes the place in our nightmares, always the place where you would not want to be.

This is ‘Where the butterflies go to die’; the next album by Larva. Thirteen songs, full of new nuances, atmospheres, odours and flavours. Enter to the Larva’s world; let yourself be enveloped by darkness and dementia, by calm and hate; by his malignant sound.

From the slow and film soundtrack kind of ‘Pictures without meaning’ to the speed and crazyness of ‘Fuck the poor’; traversing the special prism of Larva’s eyes. Twisted rythms, manic sequences; only suitable for sick minds. If you are into some kind of different ‘dark-electro’ sound, you will be plenty satisfied.
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1.Solo Pido Que Me Recuerdes Durante Un Instante
2.Fuck The Poor
3.Buried Alive
4.Cuando Nací Ya Estaba Muerto
5.Carne Magullada
6.Breathing Violence
7.Inner Fear
8.My Own Hell
9.Hay Un Loco Dentro De Mí Que Aún Se Retuerce
10.I’M A Joke
11.Where The Butterflies Go To Die
12.Tale Of New York
13.Pictures Without Meaning