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Le Masque

"Si Costeggia La Terra"


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Release: 2015
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Le Masque - Si Costeggia La Terra CD

Style: New Wave / Acoustic

Very special ‘Anthology’ by this legendary Italian New Wave group, founded in Milan in 1979 by Edgardo Moia Cellerino and Tiberio Boncristiano (still members of the group). The name is borrowed from a poem contained in the "Flowers of Evil" by Baudelaire. Initially, the lyrics were in English, as Le Masque was heavily influenced by British postpunk.

In 1984 they recorded their first 12” titled "The Happy Flock", containing three songs in English. 2 years later Le Masque left the English language for Italian, a language certainly more suiteable to their atmospheres.
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1.Elsadora, Il Profumiere
3.La Memoria Di Venere
4.Le Terre Di Monluè
6.L’Amore Che Gira Il Mondo
7.La Bella Estate
9.L’Ultimo Cavaliere Di Vittorio Veneto
10.I Tartari 11 Fu Languore