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Le Moderniste

"Too Rough Is Never Enough"


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Release: 2013
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Le Moderniste - Too Rough Is Never Enough CD

Le Moderniste, a well-established act in the Rhythm’n’Noise scene joins HANDS in 2013 with this album whose title implies the roughness that’s indeed a predominant feature of every Le Moderniste track, and of course you can expect a number of lean and mean weapons for Industrial dancefloors. But also the album has a lot of variation and complexity to offer, with atmospheric interludes, dismal undertones and changes of rhythmic pace. Misanthropic entertainment at its best!

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1.Controlling My Subconcious
2.At The Edge Of The End
3.Exalted Vices
4.Limbic System Desintegration
5.Say My Name
6.It Creeps Into My Mind
8.Manic Depression
10.Paranoid Delirium
11.Ischemic Accident
12.Nausea & Anxiety
15.They Said To Do It
16.Thalamus Influx
17.The Rite - Salvation Paid In Blood