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Leaether Strip

"FOOLS - A Tribute To Alan Wilder"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Leaether Strip - FOOLS - A Tribute To Alan Wilder MLP

Blue grey limited to 500 Copies incl. A5 Car Sticker

All songs composed by Alan WilderRecorded at Strip Farm.Arranged, mixed and mastered by Claus Larsen

Big thanks to my hero, Mr. Alan Wider (Recoil / ex-Depeche Mode), for letting me cover his songs. A true Gentleman with a big caring heart for his fans and his listeners all over the world. His work has been and will always be very inspiring to me. An incredible man deserves incredible praise. We need this fine man back in "the game". Thank you Alan.
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2.If You Want
3.In Your Memory (Re?-?minder?-?mix)
4.Fools (Quiet)