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Leaether Strip

"Teenage Demos"


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Release: 2014
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Leaether Strip - Teenage Demos LP

Dark Entries is celebrating its 50th release with Leæther Strip “Teenage Demos”, a collection of Claus Larsen’s earliest recordings. Nine demo songs recorded between 1982 and 1986 never before released on vinyl. Influenced by Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre, Claus began creating synth-pop melodies at age 14. Though the melodies were catchy and upbeat they had a hidden melancholy because Claus knew that he was different than others. “Dreaming” was his first attempt to “come out” to himself as a queer kid. Lyrically the songs reflected what was going on in his head: youth, hope and dreams. Claus used a simple set up: Moog Prodigy, Yamaha drum machine, delay pedal and spring reverb. He would record the bass and drums on a double cassette recorder, without midi, sequencers or preset sounds.

By 1985, Claus composed instrumental ...
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Label:Dark Entries
1.Dreaming (First Version)
2.Do The Dance
3.Don't Leave Me
5.Dreaming (Second Version)
6.Way Out In The Blue
7.You Don't Look The Same To Me
8.Northern Boy
9.Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival