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Leaves' Eyes

"King Of Kings (Lim.2CD-Digibook)"


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Release: 2015
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Leaves' Eyes - King Of Kings (Lim.2CD-Digibook) 2CD

LEAVES' EYES - King Of Kings - Ltd. 2CD-Digibook + Bonustracks

„King Of Kings“ ist das ...
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Label:AFM Records
2.King Of Kings
3.Halvdan The Black
4.The Waking Eye
5.Feast Of The Year
6.Vengeance Venom
7.Sacred Vow
8.Edge Of Steel (Feat. Simone Simons (Epica))
10.Blazing Waters (Feat. Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna))
11.Swords In Rock
13.Trail Of Blood
14.The Waking Eye (Piano Version – Feat.oliver Palotei / Kamelot)
15.Swords In Rock (Acoustic Version)
16.Vengeance Venom (Acoustic Version)
17.Sweven (Instrumental)
18.King Of Kings (Instrumental)
19.Halvdan The Black (Instrumental)
20.The Waking Eye (Instrumental)
21.Feast Of The Year (Alternate Version)
22.Vengeance Venom (Instrumental)
23.Sacred Vow (Instrumental)
24.Edge Of Steel (Instrumental)
25.Haraldskvæði (Instrumental)
26.Blazing Waters (Instrumental)
27.Swords In Rock (Instrumental)