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Legendary Pink Dots / kETvECTOR

"The Shock Exchange (Limited Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Legendary Pink Dots / kETvECTOR - The Shock Exchange (Limited Vinyl) LP

Limited edition of 300 copies in COLOURED Vinyl and full colour sleeve. Originally planned for Record Store Day 2015, but delayed due to the closing down of the vinyl pressing plant…

The Shock Exchange presents an encounter between two of the most interesting and unique projects of the current neo-psychedelic and electronic music panorama. The Legendary Pink Dots need no introduction, and on Side A they once again solidify their status as musical pioneers with all new songs and swirling psychedelic arrangements led by the charismatic voice of Edward Ka-spel. Side B is dedicated to the progressive and psychedelic electronic project kETvECTOR, born from the mind of Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy / Bahntier) together with Stefano Rossello (Bahntier), showcasing many facets of the project; from electronic free jazz to ambient experi- ental and esoteric avant-garde. The album also features paintings by Franke Nardiello (aka Groovie Mann) of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.
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1.A1 A Starry Stripy Submarine A Spying On Murmansk
2.A2 The Lie In The Sky
3.A3 Blind Man's Buff
4.B1 Anta
5.B2 Merror
6.B3 Sluciddream
7.B4 Galleggia