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Release: 2011
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Leichenwetter - Zeitmaschine CD

'Zeitmaschine' ('Time Machine') is an album, containing the best and most popular songs of the projects first two (and long deleted) albums, as well as one track from 'Unworte' and a brandnew track. All songs have been completely reworked and newly recorded, to compete with the high standards, set by their last record 'Legende'. Continuing their concept, all the lyrics were taken from classic German poets, such as Heine, Hesse, Trakl and Schiller. The powerful guitar-sound once more captivates by a dash of staginess and adds his part to the unrivaled and unique attitude between Gothic, Rock & Metal - with additional female vocals added....
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Label's catalogue number:EZ11C578
1.Altes Lied (Heinrich Heine)
2.Und Die Hörner Des Sommers Verstummten (Georg Heym)
3.Schwanenlied (Gottfried August Bürger)
4.Im Nebel (Hermann Hesse)
5.Nur Dich (Else Lasker-Schüler)
6.Klage (Georg Trakl)
7.Die Zeit Geht Nicht (Ottfried Keller)
8.Dort Und Hier (Franz Werfel)
9.Allerseelen (Georg Trakl)
10.Feuerharfe (Yvan Goll)
11.Verführer (Hermann Hesse)
12.Mutter (Albrecht Haushofer)
13.Menschliches Elende (Andreas Gryphius)
14.Sehnsucht (Friedrich Schiller)
15.Letzte Worte (Annette Von Droste-Hülshoff)