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Release: 2012
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Lestat - Arisen CD

After almost a decade hiatus, the Cleveland based Darkwave band Lestat has arisen! Imagine stepping back a few decades to a dark club night, full of smoke and haunting melodies. The eighties electronica, floating melodies and dark guitars mixed with deep, mysterious vocals. Now, fuse the styles of various darker genres, poetic turmoil, and mature musical experimentation. The diversity of tracks and male/female vocals, plus a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshee's classic 'Red Light' will leave you breathless. The nostalgia will take you back, but the clarity will awaken your dark soul.

Over the last few years, Lestat has been touring across the US to a diverse and devout fan base. They also completed their 'resurrection' and new album, aptly titled 'Arisen' for an April 2012 release. They reformed with three original members, Evan Nave (formerly Razz), Susan and Timothy, and added two new members to the line-up: War on bass, a former member of PKS and Scott, former drummer for Disown. Includes remix of 'Midinght Toll' by Adrian Smith of Click Click.
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Label:Nilaihah Records
Label's catalogue number:nr053
2.Awake And Watching
3.Midnight Toll
5.Room 13
6.Long Since Forgotten
7.Red Light (Revisited)
8.Little Girl Lost
9.Sent From Hell
10.Nothing Left
11.Midnight Toll (Spinal Mix)