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"Quatuor Solitaire"


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Release: 2016
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Lingouf - Quatuor Solitaire CD

For more than a decade Lingouf surprised his listeners with a myriad of releases that, while the sound and conceptual approach has constantly changed are always recognizably Lingouf. For the realization of 'Quatuor Solitaire', samples, acoustic instruments and vocals were omitted - leaving only synthesizers as sound sources and each composition was made using only four tracks. this is an integral part of the concept behind this release. Like the 4 basic elements fire, water, wind and air, 4 tracks can be the raw elements to any individual's singular universe - a quartet (french: quatuor), a mirror to look inside oneself. The sonic results of this conceptual excursion are 7 powerful tracks with mighty bass pulses, catchy sequencer lines and the peculiar melodies only Lingouf is able to create. This is technoid intelligent dance music at it's best - a perfect balance between ease and tension, suitable for headphones as well as for club sound systems.
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1.Sans Voix
2.Voie Sans Mots
3.Coeur Au Core
4.Corps De Maux
5.Haut Choeur De Pas Sages
6.Au Lieu Des Messes À Je
7.Les Clefs Ragent Des Visages Des Virages