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"Terre De Pierres"


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Release: 2012
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Lingouf - Terre De Pierres CD

After the classical music and breakcore hybrid release 'doème' and the highly energetic album 'Go Quantum!', 'Terre De Pierres' marks a directional shift for lingouf showing yet another facet of his constant variation of styles and tempers. A challenging mixture of analog electronics, acoustic instruments and field recordings intended to be listened to as a whole. Vincent ingouf's concept behind most of this album was the usage of self-recorded acoustic sources as keyboard instruments, like a long case clock, an accordion, water filled crystal glasses, a bontempi organ, metallic objects and his own voice.

The result is music that ...
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1.L'horloge À Mimi
2.Terre De Pierre
3.La Marche Du Vent De Glace
6.B22 Le Souffle Du Feu
7.L'année Du Chat
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