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Loren Nerell

"The Venerable Dark Cloud (extended re-issue)"


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Release: 2016
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Loren Nerell - The Venerable Dark Cloud (extended re-issue) CD

Limited edition of 300, in 4-panel ecoWallet!

An ambient hybrid of traditional Indonesian soundscapes and electronics. Originally released in 2000 on Italy's Amplexus label, Loren extends the release's original 22 minutes to over 69 minutes, culminating in a complete vision capturing a sound that Sequences described as "modern ambient drone music (that) melds with ancient tribal cultures to form something entirely new, sounding ages old."
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1.Dark Horizon [6:15]
2.Eclipse [8:53]
3.Liquid Metal Stasis [7:42]
4.Another Cloud [9:08]
5.Tenganan Grove [6:36]
6.Within The Cloud [3:49]
7.Ablution [2:23]
8.Lambat Lane [24:24]