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"The Fish & The Fist (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Lovac - The Fish & The Fist (Limited Edition) LP

Limited edition of 250 copies.

With their new 10 inch Mini-Album “The Fish & The Fist” Swedish band LOVAC return to explore desolate places far beyond the familiar and comfortable. This album follows their 2010 debut CD “Apes of a Cold God” (Soleilmoon SOL 169 CD) with a new goth-tronic sound lifted aloft by Anders Carlsson’s baritone and Erica Li’s pure alto voices, and carried further with the inventive compo-sitions and mixing of Andreas Catjar and Martin Krall. It’s the perfect sound for interior travels.

LOVAC is part of a larger movement of modern European pop music that draws inspiration from traditional folk music and reimagines it in a fertile and inspired clash with the contemporary mini-malist industrial and electronic scene. Death In June’s Douglas P, whose songs Lovac covered in 2008 as Down In June (Soleilmoon/NER NERUS 12) calls it “Totenpop”. Analogue synthesizers are layered over electric guitars and voice, supplemented by a variety of acoustic images, inclu-ding military drums and Persian classical music instrument, the santoor.
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1.A1 The Fish & The Fist 3:46
2.A2 Makkerel Sky 5:52
3.B1 Murder On Murder 2:49
4.B2 Honeymoon Meltdown 3:56
5.B3 Element Core 3:16