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Lucifer's Aid

"New To Reality"


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Release: 2016
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Lucifer's Aid - New To Reality CD

Once in a while you come across a band which just totally knocks you to the ground. It´s rare nowadays BUT it happens. Lucifer´s Aid is one of those rare moments you get as a label just WOW!!!! Carl Nilsson the man the project presents harsh and direct industrial EBM that brings back memories from early Dive, The Klinik era mixed with harshness from projects like Noisex and early Ant-Zen stuff. It´s like a fist punch right in the face. Crushing hard rhythms and beats with hard vocals. This is exactlly what the harder scene needed...A fuel injection, something fresh. Carl Nilsson is no newcomer to the music scene and have several projects like Lithium and The Operating Tracks on his CV-list. But with Lucifer´s Aid you can tell he is held by no limits. One of the hardest, straight foward and well needed albums to come from Sweden in years!
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Label:Progress Prod.
1.Unfollow Me
2.Deep Inside
3.The Taste
5.Follow Me
6.Dead Colors
7.Click Disease
8.Nobody Cares
9.No Way Back
10.Keep The Dark