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Lust For Youth

"Compassion (White Colored Vinyl)"



Release: March 2016
Status: Sold out
Lust For Youth - Compassion (White Colored Vinyl) LP

Limited edition (1000) white vinyl! Compassion restates beauty for a time of crisis and clickbait. Judgement, design, form, and opinion: to what end will we refine our world if we can't also make an anthem of our lives? This is the tender conspiracy: I'm on twitter; I have an anthem. Do we have an anthem? We have lust. Let's meet IRL. Compassion's first single, "Better Looking Brother" was streamed over 50k times in its first month, capping off a highly successful 2015 of worldwide tours and critical social media updates. Lust For Youth are affectionately vicious, and vulnerably sharp. They are the anticipation of the comedown as you come up on the best you've ever been offered from a bathroom stall. This is the spectrum: a low you know, and a dizzy new height.
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Label:Sacred Bones
3.Easy Window
4.Sudden Ambitions
5.Better Looking Brother
8.In Return
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