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Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove

"A Fistful Of Desert Blues (Deluxe Box)"


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Release: 2014
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Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove - A Fistful Of Desert Blues (Deluxe Box) CD + DVD

Lydia Lunch has spent decades trolling through the subterranean sick-home black and blues creating a musical legacy that started burning down the house in 1977 with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and continues to this day. From No Wave teen terror to Muse of the Cinema of Transgression, whether as hardcore spoken word harbinger or chanteuse provocateur she has relentlessly sought new collabo-rators with whom to dissect passion, obsession and desire.

Cypress Grove is a acoustic ...
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2.When You're Better
3.Devil Winds
5.Beautiful Liar
6.I'll Be Damned
7.St Marks Place
10.Summer Of My Disconnect
11.End Of My Rope
12.Tb Sheet
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