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Release: 2016
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Machinista - Garmonbozia CD

Style: electropop. The Swedish electropop sensations Machinista are back with their second album, Garmonbozia, the follow-up to 2014’s critically-acclaimed Xenoglossy. Featuring the sublime vocals and brilliant, soul-searching lyrics of John Lindqwister (CAT RAPES DOG) and the sweeping, driving beats and synths of Richard Flow (VISION TALK) Garmonbozia is a collection of 10 tracks of unique melancholic, dark electropop/ electronica with an almost effortless grace and beauty.Mixed, produced and recorded by the band themselves, Garmonbozia is an instant classic, hooking the listener from the first few seconds of Picture Frame Eternity right until the final refrain of Train and is sure to win the band many new fans, as well as pleasing those that have already discovered this up-and-coming Swedish act, who are going from strength to strength. For fans of Code 64, Alphaville, Seabound, Rotersand, In Strict Confidence, Hurts...
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1.Picture Frame Eternity
2.Dark Heart Of Me
3.Brandbergen, Stockholm Via Kalmar Till Malmö
4.The Bombs
5.Surprised By Death
6.We Are Rockets
9.In Between And Above It All