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Majdanek Waltz



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Release: 2014
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Majdanek Waltz - Nachtlied CD

IFP presents a new full-length album by one of the most notable projects in the Russian post-industrial scene. "Nachtlied" (Nightsong) is the second part of a planned trilogy, the first being "Tenebrae" (2011, joint release with Sal Solaris). The recordings of this album were attended by not less than 13 musicians, playing such instruments as piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, flute, trumpet, oboe… PLUS the well known band Reutoff appears as guests, too.

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Label:Infinite Fog
2.Nox Noctis I
4.De Profundis
7.Moon's City
8.Nox Noctis Ii
9.Darkness And Tranquillity
10.Pink Evening