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"The Pleasures Of Dammned"


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Release: 2011
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Manufactura - The Pleasures Of Dammned CD

'The Pleasures Of The Damned' is a collection of some of the best work Manufactura has released over the last years. What makes this particular collection even more special is the fact that the tracks featured were exclusively selected by none other then the fans, listeners and followers of Manufactura's music, specifically for the fans and other listeners throughout the world. Spanning from classic club hits such as 'Killing You' and 'Sex and Suicide', to the darker soundscapes of 'Cut By Loving Hands' and 'Die For Me', to the most recent hits 'Defile The Chastity Of Your Flesh' and 'The Whore's Lullaby'.

Brought together, these tracks tell a sordid tale of madness, violence, love, hate, sex, drugs, whores and the insanity of it all. Known to mix various different styles together, Manufactura once again presents us with a release well fitting of their varied styles which also includes 2 brand new and unreleased tracks titled 'Vanishing In The Night' and 'The Saint OF Violence'. Whether you're a long time avid listener or simply just discovering Manufactura this collection will definitely leave it's mark on you. Play loud.
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1.Killing You
2.Deep Waters (Ophelia's Descent Mix)
3.Forever Darkness
4.Cut By Loving Hands
5.Defile The Chastity Of Your Flesh
6.Vanishing In The Night (Unreleased)
7.Open For Pleasure
8.Muerto De Miedo (Absolute Condemnation Mix)
9.The Divine Discontent
10.The Whore's Lullaby
11.Sex And Suicide (Leaving Scars)
12.Die For Me
13.The Saint Of Violence (Unreleased)