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Marcel Kanche

"Aimer l’Eunuque avant de glauquer"


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Release: 2014
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Marcel Kanche - Aimer l’Eunuque avant de glauquer CD

Genre/File under: Minimal, electronic, collage

1983, Orléans/France: Beside his main project ‘UN DEPARTEMENT’, Marcel Kanche also Recorded and distributes a small cassette tape-Label, specialized in minialist electro and in a butchery-pink packaging for its releases. ‘Aimer…’ features real minimalist electro collages, DIY instruments, spoken female words, Trumpet, analog loops… in few words: A perfect example of 80’s do it yourself minimal!
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1.Titres 1
2.Titres 2
3.Titres 3
4.Titres 4
5.Titres 5
6.Titres 6
7.Titres 7
8.Titres 8
9.Titres 9
10.Titres 10
11.Titres 11
12.Descente De Loire (Bonus, Unreleased Track)