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Mark Selig



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Release: 2010
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Mark Selig - Disciple CD

'Disciple' is the first solo release from Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf collaborator Mark Seelig, and delves deeply into a meditative/spiritual style based on classical Indian Ragas and their devotional aspects.

Mark's Bansuri flute and overtone mantra chants blend with occasional female vocals, tamboura drones, percussion from Metcalf and analog synth drones from Roach, resulting in a powerfully engaging album supporting heart centered practice, deep meditation, yoga, etc.

Through the spiritual energy of the four long tracks, Mark manifests an expression of deeply felt gratitude for the gift of life, for friendship, and for peace. The various ragas, vocalists, and chants pull the listener away from external concerns into a serene mood of profound relaxation and devotional contemplation.
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1.Call Of The Divine (Based On Raga Bihag)
2.Initiation (Based On Raga Jhinjhoti)
3.On The Path (Based On Raga Khamaj)
4.Awakening (Based On Raga Bageshri)