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"A Broken Frame (Limited Transparent Vinyl)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Marsheaux - A Broken Frame (Limited Transparent Vinyl) LP

The girls finally gave in to (too many) fans’ demand for another Vinyl edition of the sold out Album.

Un-break the Frame for the most talked about electro album to come this winter!

Greek electro pop duo Marsheaux has paid a wonderful tribute to one of their favourite albums of all time and one of the most underrated electro albums of the 80's. They have covered track by track, the full Depeche Mode's "A Broken Frame", their 1982 album that marked the beginning of Martin L. Gore's lead songwriting dues for the rest of their career.

Marsheaux put their gentle female touch to all time classic masterpieces ("Leave In Silence", "My Secret Garden", "See You") as well as slightly lesser known gems such as “Monument’, "The Sun and the Rainfall" or "Shouldn't have done That". "A Broken Frame" lands in 2015 with total grace and a haunting atmosphere that refresh its long lasting myth.
InfraRot sales rank:2,125
InfraRot item number:9945.971
1.Leave In Silence
2.My Secret Garden
4.Nothing To Fear
5.See You
7.The Meaning Of Love
8.A Photograph Of You
9.Should't Have Done That
10.The Sun And The Rainfall