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Release: June 2016
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Marsheaux - Ath.Lon LP

The Greek electro girl duo release their fifth studio album, ‘Ath.Lon’, whose title is derived from the first syllables of the two cities which served as the background for their new material: Athens and London. The title brings to mind the Greek word ‘athlos’ meaning the achievement, the feat. ‘Ath.Lon’ could be Marianthi and Sophie's ‘athlos’. Considering the circumstances in which the ten songs on ‘Ath.Lon’ were created, observers will recognise it as an achievement, the crown of their twelve year career and a new chapter in their creativity.

The songs come as a ...
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1.A1 Burning
2.A2 Like A Movie
3.A3 Sunday
4.A4 Wild Heart
5.A5 Now You Are Mine
6.B1 Strong Enough
7.B2 Safe Tonight
8.B3 Mediterranean
9.B4 Let's Take A Car
10.B5 The Beginning Of The End