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2LP + CD

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Release: 2013
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Mato - Debut 2LP + CD

This is a GATEFOLD 2LP with 2x red 180g vinyl, incl. Fine-Art-Print and CD-Audio of the album.

Infos about the album:The idea was born in 2004. In two years 13 songs were composed, played, recorded and arranged by Marc Mato Skah. 15 vocalists around the world were invited to participate in this project. Some of the vocalists were good friends of MATO and some he knowed for years as musicians.

For the compositions – there were no guidelines. The songs were composed without the idea of or for a vocalists special note. In the end of 2004 MATO selected 13 tracks and send the instrumental tracks to the confirmed artists. There was only a letter a cd and a camera in the package. The camera was to document the process of composing and recording. The project took four years until the last vocal-recording was sent back. From the beginning of the project there were no words, just the music. Every songs` first listening was celebrated at noon that day they arrived.
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Label:Mato Music
Label's catalogue number:M0012
1.Meandtheothers (Featuring Jensara Swan, France)

2.More Than Rest (Featuring Jeff Diehm, Usa)
We´ve Got To Learn( Featuring Bret Helm, Usa)
Invisible Dream (Featuring Michele Joyce, Usa)

5.Going Blind (Featuring Michael Körner, Sweden)

6.Revival (Featuring Carmen Espenaes, Norway)
7.Places We Lost (Featuring Maryo Poor, Slovakia)
Untitled (Featuring Ell, Poland)
This Is The New Silence (Featuring The Bats And The Bear)

10.Celebrate (Eternal) * (Featuring Carl Mccoy, Uk)