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Mechanical Cabaret

"Beyond Science & Superstition"


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Release: 2013
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Mechanical Cabaret - Beyond Science & Superstition CD

Style: Electro/Synthpop. The project’s 5th album sees Mechanical Cabaret mainman Roi Robertson now officially recording together with Steve Bellamy [Greenhaus/Kamakusa] as a fulltime band member. Together they’ve developed the nononsense synthpunk of earlier releases, pushing the boundaries of the Mechanical Cabaret sound into previously uncharted territories. The title of the album reflects songwriter Roi’s lyrical exploration of the realities of life, how things really are, with often painfully acute insight. The fiercely intense, sometimes dark, wayward elements are still present, as is the perversity and black humour but all positively glowing with a newfound warmth and humanity. With their collection of vintage analogue synths, samplers, and an esoteric array of other instruments, they’ve produced a unique album of experimental, retrofuturistic, witty electropop.Limited Edition 14 track version* released exclusively for UK/EU market, featuring 4 extra tracks/remixes by the band and by Komputer [Mute Records].
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Label:Soiled Rec.
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1.Kit Kat
2.Why So Serious?
3.Nothing To Hide
4.I Lost My Friend To A Video Game
6.The Death Of The Po*n Queen
7.It Just Is
8.Well, I Never!
9.Out Of Sync
10.Hold On For Dear Life 11 Why So Serious? (Extended Mix)
11.Kit Kat (Meow Mix By Komputer)
12.Lost My Friend To A Video Game (Z-Xtended)
13.Kit Kat (4 Fingers Mix)