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Mechanical Cabaret

"Disco Vandalism"


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Release: 2011
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Mechanical Cabaret - Disco Vandalism CD

Mechanical Cabaret is the project of North London based electro-lunatic Roi Robertson, with studio boffin Steve Bellamy. They make dark, sleazy electronic music, with a deadpan attitude, laced with black humour.

Having been releasing records for 12 years, including three studio albums and several EPs, Mechanical Cabaret now release their fourth album 'Disco Vandalism': a forward looking collection of remixes that are brand new and exclusive to this album, previously unavailable on CD, or long since deleted. The mixes vary in style from floor-filling Electro and 80's Synth Pop, through to Industrial and EBM, incl. remixes by Mesh, Katscan, M-Z3R0 and Kunt and the Gang.
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Label:Soiled Rec.
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1.In Loving Memory (DV800 Remix)
2.Disbehave (Mesh ASBO Mix)
3.See Her Smile (Size Nine Remix)
4.Tabloid Species (Katscan Daily Male Remix)
5.Cheap And Nasty (Nag Nag Nag Remix By Atomizer)
6.GBH (Real Horrorshow Mix)
7.It Will All Come Back To You (M-Z3R0 Vendetta Mix)
8.Ne Plus Ultra (Dr Rogue Rework)
9.Nothing Special (2009 Remake)
10.Pretty Fu*ked Up (Kunt And The Gang's Castlemayne Remix)
11.Careful, Careless (Fur Coat, No Knickers Mix)
12.Desperate But Not Serious (Adam And The Ants Cover)