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Mechanical Cabaret

"Selective Hearing"


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Release: 2013
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Mechanical Cabaret - Selective Hearing CD

After years of releasing albums and performing overseas, Mechanical Cabaret makes their long awaited North American debut with the greatest hits collection, Selective Hearing. Formed in 1999, Roi Robertson and Steve Bellamy combine a heady mix of industrial strength electro, memorable melodies, slamming beats, acidic synths, sci-fi soundscapes and throbbing bass, along with Roi's lyrical observations of the darker side to life - all delivered with a deadpan dose of sardonic punk attitude and British black humor.

Mechanical Cabaret have been making ...
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Label:WTII Records
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1.Nothing Special
2.See Her Smile
3.Cheap And Nasty
4.Blank Canvas
6.Don’T Murder Me I’M Drowning
8.Pretty Fucked Up
9.Careful, Careles
10.Ne Plus Ultra
11.In Loving Memory
12.Why So Serious