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Release: 2014
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Mechatronic - Dystopia CD

Synthpop in the mindsand love for melodies in the blood: these are the winning features that the Swedish Wilhelm and Emma transmit since 2002 through their project Mechatronic. The music created by the duo is a harmonious union between futurist pop with vague EBM nuances, created by clear vocals, danceable rhythms and sparkling keyboards, peculiarities extensively heard on their 2 previous albums.Mechatronic have searched and found over the years a prominent position in the electronic scene, thanks to their compelling and carefully constructed sounds which promise once again plenty of minutes of pure entertainment. The 12 tracks of the new release are a true cascade of electropopish freshness that will pour nicely in your ears. The dynamic drum-programming, catchy male vocals and crystalline synth effervescences, show a synergy of aesthetic finesse, sonic genious and an ability to make your body dance! This album offers a simply instantaneous feeling!
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Label:Space Race Records
1.Falling Apart
2.Endless Search For Something
3.Don't Bother To Knock
6.Trapped In A Nightmare
8.Beyond The Silence
9.Broken Promises
10.Vicious Words
11.This Moment
12.Dying Together Isn't Going To Solve Anything