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Mellonta Tauta

"Rainbow Melodies"


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Release: 2013
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Mellonta Tauta - Rainbow Melodies CD

Many of you remember the legendary label Hyperium, one of the first labels of the 90´s in the vein of 4AD, dedicated to heavenly voices and neoclassical sounds. Mellonta Tauta were one of the most gifted acts on Hyperium. Their album ‘Sun Fell’ was a masterpiece of the genre and the sound of this band from Mar del Plata/Argentina (then based in Italy) was compared to Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil and similar artists. The album ‘Sun Fell’ (1994) and the two singles taken from it, had a deep impact on the scene, received highest praise and enthusiastic reviews from the press and the fans. Sadly the band disappeared few years after, to be re-activated only recently in 2012.

Now 20 years later and after a number of selected shows in South America, Mellonta Tauta finally return with an album. ‘Rainbow Melodies’ offers indeed a beautiful journey trough gentle melodies, a pure experience full of energy and beauty, with great arrangements and angelic heavenly voices. A highly welcome return and enthusiastically anticipated by fans all over the world who will once again fall in love with the beauty of MELLONTA TAUTA!
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1.Love Is Happiness
2.Twenty Years Later
3.Sunset Breeze
4.Raining House
5.Travel To The End
6.Live Here Forever
7.Moonlight Melodies
8.Paris Noir
9.Half-Full Glass
10.Rainbow Melodies
11.Mistery Dream
12.Pampa Soul
13.Ice Star
14.Sunrise Melodies