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Melted Moon



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Release: 2013
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Melted Moon - Meltdown CD

could you imagine what music you got when you only use "nintendo"-gameport's as instruments ? of course 8 bit music ... 3 young german friends from the area around aschaffenburg practise this way to create music since some years, so here comes their first official record of band "MELTED MOON". a cd-album titeled "meltdown".

of course pure electronical, always full of rhythms and melodics, sometimes noisy and othersides with a an artful philosophy and the personaly fun to create sounds & ideas... interested? than search in Internet for the "Pripyat"-Videoclip, music produced by MELTED MOON in summer 2013, filmed by MELTED MOON in summer 2013 in Tschernobyl
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5.Bad Parallels
7.Clear The Stage
8.Ultra Force