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Mentallo & The Fixer



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Release: 2014
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Mentallo & The Fixer - Zothera 3CD

Cult American electro/industrial act MENTALLO & THE FIXER strikes back with another limited edition 3CD box release that will no doubt please all their fans! Like its title suggests, "Zothera" refers to the two Texan brother's (Gary and Dwayne Dassing) golden years period when they signed a multiple-album deal with Talla 2XLC's legendary German label Zoth Ommog.

This new box-release does not ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Ancient Languages
2.Legion Of Lepers
3.Fusion Mutation
4.Pulse Hemorrhage [Lesionary Mix]
5.Rapid Suffocation
6.Amplitude Interference
8.Cerebral Static Overdose
9.Soaked With Blood [T.h.c. Edit]
10.Grim Reality
11.Scum Of The Earth [Bloody]
12.Bleek Seclusion
13.Decomposed [Grimpen Ward Remix]
15.Decomposed [Trampled]
17.Bring To A Boil
18.Virtually Hopeless
19.Coward [Submerged]
22.Battered States Of Euphoria
23.Abominations Unleashed
24.Dead Days
25.Atom Smasher
26.Power Struggle
27.Sacrilege [Grimpen Ward]
28.When Worlds Collide {Wicked Radio Edit}
30.Doomsday Accelerator {Los Alamos Mix}
32.Rapid Suffocation {Lesionary Mix}
33.Sacrilege {Angel Of Death Mix}
34.Battered States Of Euphoria {Acoustical}
35.Power Struggle {Tribulation}
36.Natalia {Cen-Tex Edit}
37.Murderers Among Us {Grimpen Ward Radio Edit}
38.Decomposed {Return To Grimpen Ward}
39.Other World Technology {Plutonium Trigger Mix}
40.Abandon All Hope {Magi Mix}
41.Lightyear {Cosmo Mix}
42.False Prophets {Shotgun Messiah Mix}
43.Crypto Anarchist {Martyr Mix}