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Merciful Nuns

"400 Billion Suns (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Merciful Nuns - 400 Billion Suns (Limited Edition) CD

Complete concert recording in highest Audio Quality! Recorded at Castle Bolkow (Poland) on July 17 2015!!! The live setlist reads like a ‘Best of’ by MERCIFUL NUNS!

MERCIFUL NUNS are Goth. Goth void of Rock. The very charismatic powerfully produced sound with its recondite atmosphere, dominant bass lines, delicate guitars and expressive vocals, weaving between hypnotic poignancy and nigh despairing melancholy appears to be something the Goth scene has been waiting for many years. MERCIFUL NUNS are cult! They re-ignite something in the Goth scene that has long been consigned to ashes of memory: spirituality, contemplation and significant depth.
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Label:Solar Lodge
2.Speed Of Light
3.Karma Inn
4.Body Of Light
5.Genesis Revealed
7.Blackbody / Ultraviolet
10.The Maelstrom
11.God Aeon
13.Ancient Astronauts
14.The Return