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Merciful Nuns

"Exosphere VI"


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Release: 2013
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Merciful Nuns - Exosphere VI CD

MERCIFUL NUNS are a phenomenon.  The familiar yet still curiously strange sounds awaken feelings and emotions believed to be lost long ago, harking back to the days when Goth was still an ethos, a kind of religion.  MERCIFUL NUNS have managed to remain unique against all trends and topic currents; worshipped almost fanatically by their fans all over the world!  MERCIFUL NUNS are more than just a band, they are an attitude and awareness of life.  Something which either does not originate from this world or is not intended for it.  Something for the initiated, the knowledgeable or the plain curious.  This collective of like minded people are known as the NUNHOOD; they gather in Lodges, organised gatherings or concerts and carry the elitist fundamental concepts of the band’s charismatic vocalist and head Artaud Seth into the world.  All the while their numbers continue to swell!  For they know that the true mysterium is hidden out there, behind the Exosphere.  The very hostile emptiness beyond the protective shield of our Earth’s atmosphere is the place where MERCIFUL NUNS’ sixth album endeavours to take us.

 EXOSPHERE VI does not impart ...
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4.Astral Plane
6.The Core
7.Vimana Machine
8.The Passing Bell