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Merciful Nuns

"Thelema VIII (+ Allseeing Eye EP) Limited Edition"


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Release: 2016
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Merciful Nuns - Thelema VIII (+ Allseeing Eye EP) Limited Edition 2CD

First copies come with the EXCLUSIVE, and hand-numbered ‘Allseing Eye’ EP, featuring 4 exclusive versions/tracks as double-package. The EP is NOT available seperately!!!

The Trio Infernal strikes again: THELEMA VIII, the eighth album from the occult rock gods led by mastermind Artaud Seth (ex Diary of Dreams, Garden of Delight) has been announced. The man himself, Jawa Seth and Jón Tmoh arguably spearhead the international Goth-Rock scene. Hardly any band in this genre can boast a vitae like the MERCIFUL NUNS. Concert attendants in Europe, South and Central America can attest to this claim.

“Thelema VIII” pounds my ear-drums ...
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Label:Solar Lodge
2.Allseeing Eye
3.The Aeons
4.Red Flame
6.In Silence
7.The Law
9.Allseeing Eye (1St Aethyr)
10.Allseeing Eye (2Nd Aethyr)
12.In Silence (Equionx Iii:8)