InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Mika Goedrijk



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Release: 2009
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Mika Goedrijk - Pellicules CD

Many listeners will have expectations about this release as Mika Goedrijk is well-known as the mastermind of projects such as this Morn' Omina, Project Arctic and Pow(d)er Pussy. "Pellicules" (films) highlights previously unrecognized facets of Mika's musical self-conception. This album accentuates prior subsurface appearances of technoid intelligent dance music structures, catchy impulsive beats, melodic soundscapes and (unpredictable) tribal elements. For this project Mika Goedrijk left out oriental mysticism for occidental accuracy - the result is conclusive evidence that a pretend "misfortune" can turn into a valuable work of electronic art.
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