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Mike Vamp

"Omni-Potens / Desperado / Demos 80-84"


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Release: 2014
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Mike Vamp - Omni-Potens / Desperado / Demos 80-84 LP

German producer Mike Vamp alias Mike Pagliosa has been an active part of the early 80's Berlin Punk, New Wave and Experimental-scene leading to gigs at the famous SO36 and a Tape-Release on Ralf Rexin's 007-Tapes as well as a 7" on Takt Records.In the early 80's, West-Berlin's subculture has been determined by the Geniale Dilletanten and bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria, Die Tödliche Doris, Sprung aus den Wolken as well as Artists like Nick Cave using the spirit of the city for their recordings (as David Bowie in the 70's)Many wanted to be attached to those bands but nobody dared or wanted to admit that there was also good pop possible in this sub-culture. In contrast to most of the musicians in Berlin, Mike was one of those as he lived in continuum.He tinkered with a 303, a 606, a guitar, kettle drums and a 4-track recorder on his tracks which always had a cozy warm but still New Wave-feeling and touch to the melodies produced
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1.A1: Toys For Boys 4:48
2.A2: La Strada 6:04
3.A3: Ritter Blut 5:42
4.A4: For Your Senses 8:08
5.A5: Macht Den Platz Frei 3:1
6.B1: Gold Im Fluss 5:00 (11/84)
7.B2: Die Flut 7:03 (6/84)
8.B3: Kill Me For Your Senses (Distant Voices) 5:37 (01/82)
9.B4: Suchen Und Finden 5:15
10.B5: Little Big Man 6:29