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"180° Mires"


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Release: 2015
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Mikro - 180° Mires CD

MIKRO formed 1997 in Thessaloniki/Greece by Nick Bitzenis (aka nikonn, also in Fotonovela) and John Lefkaditis. They are a 4 member electronic band with electro/pop/indie dance sound.

13 tracks in special digipak with a lenticular card for very hypnotic visual effect… MIKRO released 3 successful albums on WEA from 1999 to 2003, before they signed to UNDO to release this their fourth album. This electronic projects' main characteristic is the unconven-tional use of powerful guitars, which literally stimulate your senses. However, MIKRO don't just stay at that. The album is distinguished by its sound variety such as the disco aesthetic of "Iptameni Diski" , the ethereal dance melodies on "Chrysallida" [Chrysalis], the electro-punk make-up on "Electroshock", "Replica" and "Prosopiki Othoni" [Personal Screen], the new-wave track "Dekaochto" and finally, the electric ballad masterpiece of "180 Mires", the album's title track
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