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Release: 2015
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Mikro - New CD

Undo Records celebrated its 50th release earlier this year with the 6th album from the Greek electro/power pop pioneers!

"New" turned out to be more epic, more danceable and cinematic than any other MIKRO work. Tracks like "Hello", "Freedom" or "Just another Day" became bit hits on Greek radios this Summer and this new album is now available for the first time worldwide!
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2.Beautiful People
3.Just Another Day
4.Floating High
5.Obsessed 06 Hello
6.Poios Tha Nai Aftos
8.Den Tha Fygoume Pote Apo Edo
9.Fotia Kai Skoni
10.S Ena Lepto
11.Daniki Zoi
12.Apogionome (4041 Version)
13.Apogionome (4041 Dance Remix)