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Ministry Of Truth

"Animal Farm"


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Release: 2011
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Ministry Of Truth - Animal Farm CD

Ministry Of Truth's new album is an ambitious and impressive attempt at creating a musical version of the 'Animal Farm', a cult novel by George Orwell which is universally known to have numerous cinematic versions. According to MOT, this anti-utopian story about the animals defeating men and yet remaining vulnerable to their own destructive passions and social illusions is a sublime and extremely expressive gothic suite, if not a dark opera, which definitely stands out for its unhuman (no wonder!) intensity of emotions, a powerful sound and the spirit of totalitaristic art, with impressive contributions from the band's all four vocalists.

It's necessary to mention Moon Far Away mastermind Count Ash's guest appearance on vocals, too. In the end of the day, Ministry Of Truth has come up with an integral and conceptual work where all the parts are real hits. In musical terms, MOT continues exploring their unique stylistics, i. e. a very special dark wave with a touch of neoclassic and even art rock.
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Label:Other Voices Records
1.Old Major's Testament
2.Beasts Of England
3.Animalism 1
4.Battle Of The Cowshed
5.I Will Work Harder
6.Comrade Napoleon
7.Animalism 2
8.Beasts Of England - Finale