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Release: 2012
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Mongolito - Acedia CD

Mongolito is master mind musician Marc De Backer (ex Dog eat Dog, Mucky Pup) solo project. Lost in darkness dephts of love, hate, red wine and Brussels. Giving a particular and original dimension to his guitar sounds, emerging between loops, variable tempos and drone sounds.

With Mongolito's first official album 'Acedia' a new world seems to open for all of us looking for authentic atmospheres and experiences to escape the rules of life. Reality can be though as it is, so let's take some distance from it and let yourself fall into the mongolirium dimension.
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InfraRot item number:2011.579
Label's catalogue number:HR!1o7
1.Lets Start With Some Pink Medicine
2.All These Stones
3.From Harlem To Oostend
4.The Big Coming Down...End Of Self-esteen
5.NYC Rising
8.He Ping Ping
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