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"XXVII (Limited Rerelease)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Monuments - XXVII (Limited Rerelease) CD

Limited repress of 200 copies

In 1984 MONUMENTS consisting of Andrea Costa and Mauro Tavella from Torino, Italy, released their only official record, the mini LP “Age” comprising six incredibly fantastic tracks. Anna always thought of this mini LP as being the best electro pop/synth-wave record ever coming out of Italy, and eventually Mannequin Records did re-issue it on vinyl in 2013 (MNQ 013). MONUMENTS were already formed in 1981 and a couple of demos were recorded which never saw the light of day, but were only given to a few friends. Their nature is a bit more rough and never drift towards the more commercial Italo synth pop. Even to this very day they follow their careers as composers, studio owners and explorers of electronic music (recently also again under the MONUMENTS moniker). So what you get on this CD, original first edition of 500 copies released in 2008) is indeed an essential retrospective 17 tracks compilation album of one of Italy’s pioneering underground electronic music acts.
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Label:Anna Logue Records
1.Die Denkmäler
2.The Seals
4.Herz Von Samt
6.Clock's Room
7.Ice Age
9.Grey Cat
11.Die Mythen
12.Die Denkmäler
13.Herz Von Samt
15.Clock's Room
16.Ice Age