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Moon Far Away




Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Moon Far Away - Minnesang CD

Since the release of their now-classic Russian neofolk album 'Belovodie' in 2005, Moon Far Away has proved its status of the 'band of influence' in the current Russian scene, as well as the title of one of the most respected Russian groups abroad. The band's cult following includes both dark folk, neofolk and folk metal fans and the gothic and neoclassic audience.

It is because of this ...
InfraRot sales rank:2,126
InfraRot item number:2006.465
Label's catalogue number:Ahnstern 45
1.And Light Shineth In Darkness
2.Sweet Olga
3.Goe And Cathe
4.Deus Amet Puellam
5.Filled By Memory
6.King Son's Journey Pt.I
7.King Son's Journey Pt.II
9.Witchcraft By A Singing
10.Holy Mother Russia
11.Come, Brother In White Church
12.Shumff Gudit