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"Alpha Noir"


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Release: 2012
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Moonspell - Alpha Noir CD

Moonspell returns to the scene with what might be the most important album ever to be released by this legendary Portuguese metal band. With a renewed focus, they have risen to a new level so as to reclaim their throne as the leading European dark metal band. 'Alpha Noir' is a nine-track outburst that shows us a much more incendiary band than in the past. With an avalanche of memorable guitar work, deeply rooted in the thrash metal of legends, Moonspell perfectly combines it with their own brand of Southern black metal, which they have been crafting since their groundbreaking debut offering: 'Wolfheart'.

Produced by Tue Madsen and arranged by Benny Richter, 'Alpha Noir' will take the world by storm. It is a genuine release by a legendary act, who never hid in the bushes waiting for their musical style to regain popularity, but rather kept their heads proudly above the water, while always working to achieve greatness. 'Alpha Noir': we want a new world! And nobody can afford to be left behind in the coming of this new lunar age.
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Label:Napalm Rec.
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1.Axis Mundi
4.Alpha Noir
5.Em Nome Do Medo
6.Opera Carne
7.Love Is Blasphemy
9.Sine Missione