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Morbus M.

"Fight or Die"


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Release: 2016
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Morbus M. - Fight or Die CD

Six years after „Forget The Past“, this is the second step into the future for Morbus M., the dystopian downbeat division of René Klimaczewski (aka Klima, aka Exocet). Included in the 13 tracks of the sophomore album is a remix by the empath, one half of HANDS label mates Trackologists, “Fight or Die” is a definite sequel to Morbus M.’s debut musically, with led-heavy beats set against intensely dark atmospheres, sounds of obscure origin and spoken word samples. Topically, it takes the agenda of Morbus M. even further: The pessimistic political statements and the emotionally aggravating implications take the listener on a ride along the fathomless abyss.

Morbus M. presents a very homogenous album with enticing features: The cinematic gravity of “Inside Out” or “Sad About”, the industrial grit of “NBK” or “Fight Or Die” (which is also a sincere recommendation for the more adventurous clubs), the trip hop shuffle of “5000” or “Sad About”, or the warm electro lines of the remix by the empath, all bound to keep the tension high! Morbus M. invokes a world where there’s only one choice left: Fight, or die!
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1.Burning Mind
4.Calling Down
5.Fight Or Die
6.What You See
7.Inside Out
8.Deep Line
9.System Of Silence
10.Sad About
11.Deep Line (Deeper Rmx By The Empath)
12.Took A Picture
13.The Day After