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"Bone Breaker"


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Release: 2013
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Mordacious - Bone Breaker CD

"Mordacious" is back to terrorize the masses with his third full length on Infacted Recordings. Dominating the dance floors with pulse pounding beats and horrific synth lines. Bringing an onslaught of shattered emotions and hatred filled lyrics as well as the bipolor opposite through obsessive love songs. Beyond twisted, beyond help, this new cd takes it to both extremes of heaven and hell, love and lust. Bringing in new melodic styles and even harsher electro. Death and destruction at a whole new level, you will be left wanting more. Mastered by Jasyn Bangert of God Module and featuring a remix by Die Braut.
InfraRot sales rank:2,126
InfraRot item number:9942.335
Label's catalogue number:Fact 3232
1.Black Tears
2.Blood Bath
3.Its A Lie
4.Dragons Blood
5.One In A Chamber
6.Blood And Sodomy
7.Is This True Love
8.Bone Breaker
9.Wasting Away
10.Broken Promises
11.My Corpse Shall Rise
12.Broken And Forgotten
13.Slowely We Rot
15.Take Your Pain
16.Blood And Sodomy (Die Braut Remix)