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"Kingdom Of Fire"


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Release: 2013
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Mordacious - Kingdom Of Fire CD

Mordacious are some kind of a self made band. Discovered through a demo and the participation in the "Sonic Seducer battle of the bands" competition in one of germanies leading musicmagazines. The one man artist shortly gained massive attention by several electronic labels. The first compilation apearances, remixes and features in scene magazines were to follow as well as small touring through Mexico and the US together with bands such as God Module or Reaxion Guerrilla. In may 2012 the first official label release entitled 'Suicide Club' did witness the scene followed by several remixes for bands such as Solitary Experiments, Alien Vampires, Freakangel or Reaxion Guerilla.

'Kingdom of Fire' featuring 15 new massive clubanthems for all harsh electro dancemaniacs! A must for fans of Suicide Commando, Hocico or Grendel!
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Label's catalogue number:ACT 3220
1.Burning Inside
3.Murder Love Hate
4.Sleeping Beauty (Album Edit)
7.Cuming Blood
8.Death And Despair
9.Just Let Me Be
10.Blood On The Walls
12.Hide And Seek
13.Bound In Wires
14.Kingdom Of Fire
15.Dementia (Fgfc820 Dräcos Remix)